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Choose your Hero and fight your way out of dungeon full of demons. This is RPG type cooperation map for 1-5 players. Each player controls only one Hero. Map is really hard so good teamwork is essential! It is possible to add computer companions if you are nolifer and you have no friends.

Again choose your Hero and kill those damn persistent skeletons (where are they coming from?). This is cooperation base defense map for 1-5 players. Can you defend your base for 28 incoming attack waves of Scourge? Again, it is possible to add computer controlled teammates, but you really should try to find some friends...

There are many tower defense maps, but there are just few good ones! This one is cooperation for 1-3 players. Defend against 25 Scourge attack waves with realistic towers. No magical mumbo jumbo stuff. No stupid gems or elementals. This is the game for grown up kids, above kinder garden level!

My fourth map that has some unique features, never seen before. Build your towers from special foundations inside your small base to defend it from attacks. Number of towers is limited so careful planing is required. This is cooperation map for 4 players. Computer companions don't work, map has no VI. Sorry.

Probably the best warcraft3 map in history of humankind. It is "everyone for himself" kind of map where the winner is the last one standing. Defend your base and send troops to destroy your opponents. You can control only upgrades and research, but not the army. I made triggers for VI and they are quite formidable.

Survival Showdown 1.1p

My next project that i am working on. My version of Assassins map. Some Heroes are having a showdown in forest. You pick your Hero and run around killing people. Camera will be following you from behind to add that nice third person view point. There will be all your favourite w3 Heroes that you grew to love from my other maps.

Survival Islands 1.1p

My next next project. This will be my ULTIMATE survival map. Kinda similar to jungle trolls but really seriously realistic map with insanely awesome stuff. A ship crashed and few survivors are trying to find water, food, warmth and shelter. Pick berries, hunt animals (or be hunted by them) and build a ship to sail home.

Survival Battleships 1.1p

My next next next project. I like BattleTanks but i am too old for childish magic mumbo jumbo so i wanted to make realistic version of it with missiles, rockets, flacks and cannons. I gathered over million tank models from hiveworkshop but then i decided to make it with ships :D. There also will be helicopters and invisible submarines.